September 23, 2008

Meet my friend Dex

A few milestones yesterday, one personal, one not.
Yesterday I had my sixth treatment of chemo. Although this will continue until the end of January, I am now half way through! The good news is my PSA was down, though only slightly, down is not up!
PSA: 39.57

Other good news, my INR (marker to measure blood thinner pharmaceuticals) was finally up to 1.8. The doc increased my dosage once again and we are pretty certain that the injections in my stomach will be a thing of the past next Monday!

On the other hand the steroids (Dex) woke me at 2:15am…..I never went back to sleep! I'll be dead tired by 9:00pm or so and am hoping I sleep through the night!

The other milestone was yesterday was the first day of fall. As I've written here before I'm not a big fan of fall. Winter is the worst. Fall, except for the beauty of the trees for a brief period, represents death in my mind.

As I let the dog out this morning I noticed our elm tree had almost completely changed to purple and had even began it's annual dumping of leaves into our backyard. The nights are cooler, the days are shorter and it seems that we went from summer to fall overnight.

Three days and counting until the golf tournament. We still have a lot of loose ends to pull together but I am not concerned that it will all come together and the event will go off without a hitch!


Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy... good news beats bad any day. Take them as they come.

Tom T.

Aimee said...

Great news on the PSA. Any movement downward is VICTORY!

John Wagner said...

I think the second half will seem to go faster than the first half.

Good luck with the tournament. I am sure it will be a huge success again this year.

Anonymous said...

Fall happens to be my favorite time of the year as we more away from the summer heat and humidity. Fall is great for nice long walks in the cooler temperatures and a time to bask in the glorious beauty of the trees changing colors. Fall is the time of harvest, pumpkins and hunting season. Sorry to hear you don't like fall. Here's to hoping you see more beauty this fall and come to love the fall season for all that it is. God Bless.