September 29, 2008

Sunny day, keeping the clouds away....

For the fourth straight year we were blessed with ideal weather for our golf tournament! There was not a cloud to be found, a very mild breeze and the temperature was in the low eighties. Someone up there is watching over us!
The events of the day have left me somewhat at a loss for words...did you ever think that was possible?

We don’t have a final tally, but things are looking good for making our goal. I should have a better estimate after a few more payments come in over the next week and I receive the final bill from the golf course.

After two holes-in-one last year, no one was able to win the car or cash this year. All three flights resulted in scorecard playoffs and last year's overall winners were able to defend their crown. The final scores and winners can be found at:

I'll upload all the pictures tonight and provide a link in a blog post tomorrow.

I really cannot thank everyone enough, including those who volunteered, played, sponsored and supported us through donations. Each year this event seems to be more successful. Once again I am reminded not to underestimate the kindness and generosity of others!

This morning I find myself feeling really blessed!

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