September 01, 2008

#5, 9-2-08

Tomorrow is chemo treatment number five.

We spent Friday night through Sunday noon at my brothers place in Macon, Mo.
We ate really well (grilled glazed salmon one night, smoked chicken with grilled pineapple another)! Brad got to ride the four wheeler all by himself, he was getting pretty good tearing through the mud by the time we left! As in the past I mowed grass for about two hours on Saturday morning and then chopped about a quarter cord of firewood. Strange, but very therapeutic for me.

Last night I finished another book, James Patterson's "1st To Die". A very interesting murder - mystery. What I didn't know before I started the book was that the main character begins a battle with a potentially incurable disease. I have a knack for movies and books with characters like this one. This was the first in a series of six. I bought numbers two and three at Target today.

This morning we played disc golf. I shot four over par at a course we don't play very often. After I returned home I spent around two hours doing much needed yard work. Tending to the vegetable garden, trimming and fertilizing our roses etc. After that, I spent another two hours painting window frames.

Why bore you with all these details? Just trying to point out that once again, I seem to have fully recovered three weeks after my last treatment.

Here's to number five; may my tests bring good news and may God grace me with the strength to combat the side effects one more time.

Peace be with everyone.


Anonymous said...

David ,
You seem to be tolerating chemo very well.
You are much more active than I and I am still on HT.
I am hoping the first four show another huge dropin your psa
peace be with You
Dan J

Jerry Perisho said...

You sound great. When I was doing chemo, I was never that energetic a day or 2 before the next treatment.

You have a good attitude and it sounds like your physical conditioning is excellent. Keep it up. You can beat this!

Jerry Perisho

John Wagner said...


I will be thinking of you tomorrow and saying a prayer. I might be in the infusion chair all day myself for an IVIg treatment. I thought my doc would cancel it but according to his office, I am still scheduled. Think of this as liquid meditation time.

Never think you are boring anyone with the details. Those who are dealing with the same cancer look to you for clues as to what to expect for themselves and folks like me just care about what is happening to you and how you are doing. And I think you are doing terrific!