September 09, 2008

DOB: 9-9-96

It seems like yesterday, it seems like a lifetime ago.

To see him born, to see him grow into a young man and bring me the joy that he does. It makes me proud to be his father.

Twelve years is not nearly enough.

So today, on his twelfth birthday I have a request to God, please allow me to continue my battle with Prostate Cancer long enough for me to:
- watch him graduate from middle school and move on to high school (May 2011)
- teach him to drive and get his first drivers license (2012)
- celebrate his high school graduation (2015)
- send him off to college
- attend his wedding
- hold my first grandchild
……so much more…..

Happy Birthday Brad, I love you son, you are the best!
So where does a twelve year old ask to go for his birthday dinner? Houston's, where else! We had a great evening and I even cheated by having bbq ribs for the first time in four years! They were fantastic, just as I remembered! It was a great meal, for a special occassion, spent with special people.


Jerry Perisho said...

Very touching, David. Thank you for sharing your prayer and your love for your son.

Have faith. A prostate cancer patient, I made some of the same wishes a few years ago. Today, my grandson is 18 months old and is just starting to call me "grandpa".

Our legacies are our children. Your positive impact and influence will be felt for many generations.

Bless you!

Comedy Writer Jerry Perisho
Author, "I Barf, Therefore I Am"

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face tonight! You rock.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night. I pray with you that you will achieve your goal and beyond of seeing your son ahcieving golas in his life.

God Bless you and yours. Keep the faith!

John Wagner said...

You are a wonderful Dad. I pray all your hopes and dreams and goals and prayers are fulfilled!

Tell Brad I wish him a Happy Belated Birthday. But at 12, he should be celebrating all month, anyway.