August 28, 2008

Hi, remember me?

Back in September 2006, I posted this.

Tomorrow I have to go in for what I am estimating is my 8th bone scan. This is a routine part of the clinical trial I am taking art in, so don't get worried. There's not much to it; I'll go in at 8:00, get injected with some radioactive fluid, then I'll come back two hours later and lie on an x-ray machine for about 40 minutes and that will be it!

Tuesday I'll review the results and they my provide me with chemo transfusion number five.

We have a big, busy weekend planned, more details on that in a later post.

Here's to long weekends, may each of you your Labor Day: be safe and enjoy some time with your family and friends!


Anonymous said...

Hi David, and thanks...I will be up in the mountains again this weekend getting out of the heat and riding...I hope you have a great weekend too. I caught your post on HW and replied. I'm kinda bummed. I love meeting my online friends, but we share so much more than just the internet...I am certain you heard Chesney's new tune with the Wailers. I have almost mastered it on the guitar so I posted some of the lyrics on my page. Very appropriate lyrics for us all.


Jerry Perisho said...

Hi David,
Good luck to you, man. Have a great weekend and stay positive.

Jerry Perisho
Author, "I Barf, Therefore I Am: A Sensitive Comedy Writer's Relationship with Cancer"

Anonymous said...

I pray for great results for you on your tests. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi David
I hope Your Bone scan shows tremendous improvement, though it may be to see that result from the trial ,MY Prayers are with You.
I think its great the way You stay so active with Family , Work and disk golf .You are showing us how to live our lives by the way You live Yours
Dan J