August 11, 2008


I was going to drag this out, be cute, be creative, etc. but I am tired!
My PSA today was 39.98, a 25% reduction from three weeks ago!!!
As I mentioned above, I am beat. We did not sleep well last night, and we had to leave the house at 7:15 this morning to make the 8:00 appointment. I had both my monthly appointment for Lupron and Zometa and my three week chemo treatment all in the same day. We were through at the hospital 12:30ish. In the four and a half hours we were there, I had the following procedures:
- 8:35 blood drawn
> White blood count back up to over 12 !!!!
> Most other markers were back in range, red blood count was still a little low, but no show stopper
- 9:00 Met with Doctor V, the Physicians Assistant and the Clinical Trial Coordinator
Everything seems to be progressing as expected with the blood clot in my leg. The good Doctor did give me the green light to play golf on Wednesday afternoon, so I was happy
- 10:00 Began pre-treatments
- 10:40 Began Taxotere infusion #4
- 11:45 Began Zometa infusion
- 12:20 Received the Lupron shot
Mary and I made our usual stop for lunch at The Blue Koi and were home by 2:00.


Anonymous said...

Good for you David. We continue to pray for you on this journey. We pray for peace of mind for you and your family, a cure, strength, wisdom and support. God Bless you and great news!

Anonymous said...

Good news.... YWEA...... stay strong buddy... sent you an email on your work address.. no I have not forgotten you.

Love You and am praying for you and your family .. in my quiet ways.
Tom T.

Anonymous said...

Mary and David

Way to go guys! We've been praying for you all. Keep up the good work. We're here for you..

Dana and Chris

Anonymous said...

I hope you are sleeping my friend! After all you had a big day ~ a good one indeed! I hope your clotting has calmed a bit. I am having one of those sleepless nights. I have been fortunate recently with that regard. However, I am wide awake now, and strangely so is Ruthie. There goes another missed opportunity! Well if we have to be awake then so are the dogs too. LOL. Peace brother! And God Bless You!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news about the quick PSA drop - enjoy your golf game but take care of that leg! Bless you and your family. Your friend, Sharon