September 08, 2006

Me, wearing less than my birthday suit!

It's kind of weird to post this, but aren't some of my other posts weird as well?

At the left is a copy of my most recent bone scan. The black spots on my left rib cage and hip (right side on the scan) are the ones of most concern. Not all the dark areas are bad; look at my skull, knees and shoulders for example, those are shadows. It's strange there is a noticeable area on my left hip but the pain I've been experiencing is on my right side? I've read and experienced it many times, there is a tendency for those who have cancer to attribute every ache and pain to the cancer! Perhaps it is a muscle pull?

Leg update: the past two days have been much better. Thanks to the advice from the nurse, I started taking Advil as soon as it starts acting up. Apparently Advil can take up to forty five minutes to kick in and I was obviously waiting far to long before taking it. Sleep the last two nights has been worse, more tossing and turning, the only position I can find comfort is flat on my back. I've completely skipped working out the past two days as well to make sure I do nothing to aggravate the area.

My first Zometa treatment is now scheduled for the 18th and my next blood test the 25th. Followed up by a doctor appointment on October 16th and my second Zometa treatment the same day.

Brad turns 10 tomorrow!!! It's amazing how time flies...I love him so much...


Karen said...

I would know you anywhere! :) Happy birthday, Brad! Congrats on hitting the double digits!

Anonymous said...

David and Mary,

I just wanted to let you know (as if you didn't already know) your son Brad is a very special boy. I have the honor and privilege of working with him outside of the classroom. He is attentive, respectful, humble, humerous, caring, smart, very well behaved and a joy. I believe for the most part you can tell a lot about about a person's parents by the actions and behavior of their children and anyone would be proud to have a son like Brad. His attitude and actions speak volumes about both of you as parents. You both have raised a fine young man. Happy birthday Brad.

John Wagner said...

Loved your picture! You will save lots of money on a Halloween costume.

Wow, what a time for you. The roller coaster has turned into more than a thrill ride. Your head must be spinning. Sure hope next Monday's infusion works miracles for you!