September 27, 2006

Like I needed this, now

83 - that's my PSA number from Monday. The doctor wanted me to start 1,200mg of Ketoconazole and Hydrocortisone immediately. We are going to wait until after Monday when we have a meeting with a group of doctors at the University of Kansas Medical Center for a second opinion. If the above drugs aren't successful in getting my PSA back down, the next step is chemo. Kytocerasol can be very hard on your liver we want to be double sure that this other group of doctor's agrees.
I'm numb. Work is unbelievably busy the past few weeks and with all the efforts going into the golf tournament I'm exhausted. I also started getting some pain in my legs. This time it is both sides, mostly my thigh bone, not the joint like a few weeks ago. It is likely a side effect from the Zometa, Advil is working for now. It had better not impede my golf swing!
Peace be with all of you!! Through all of this I find time to realize; life is wonderful and I'm currently having the time of my life. I love being busy, just ask Mary! Like my dad I can't sit still for a minute, always the busy bee!

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