September 18, 2006

You say Zometa, I say Zamoto

We went to the Oncologist's office this morning. I received my first Zometa infusion. Nothing eventful to report.
I may experience some aches, much like to flu. 4 hours later, I'm fine so far!

Played disc golf Saturday. I really wanted to test my leg. I played pretty bad...I'll just use my leg as an excuse.
I was careful not to throw too hard or put too much strain on it, so I had to alter my technique. It was fun, hadn’t seem some of the guys in over three weeks. Later Saturday and even Sunday morning I required no Advil. In fact, my leg felt better AFTER I played. No changes since.

The preparation for the FLHW golf tournament continues. We are sold out! 144 golfers, a number of sponsors and a huge raffle. In addition we have 8-10 items for a live auction including a weekend for two in San Francisco! I'll provide complete details in the next few days. If you're not playing and want me to be your proxy, let me know after you see the list! The list of companies and individuals we need to thank continues to grow. At this point I just hope we make our goal of $20K for the Prostate Cancer Foundation!!! They currently have a wonderful matching program from a very generous supporter, who is a PC survivor. He will match the donation dollar for dollar, so we actually could be looking forward to a $40,000. donation! Making this type of donation reinforces my hope for better treatments and a cure for this horrible disease.

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