September 01, 2006

A brief update

Yes, I'm wearing them! (for those of you who might not get it right my wife...refer up to the title!)
OK, I admit it, it's not that funny!

The nurse called yesterday with the results of Wednesday's test. The CT scan is still clear, no activity in organs, lymph nodes etc. The bone scan showed no new areas but a slight uptake in activity in several areas, mostly around both hips. WIth my PSA rising as it has, this is not unexpected. Also, this probably accounts for the slight pain I have been having in my left thigh. That and the fact I ran 1.3 miles on my Dad's tread mill yesterday. (Mary is NOT happy!!!) No more tread mill or running for me. No more exercise bike, per my Urologist (it can really screw up PSA readings). This leads to two things: anyone want to buy a practically brand new Schwinn stationary bike? It comes with an extended warranty, less than 6 months old, programmable, it's very nice!!? Second, any ideas on a good low/no impact cardio workout?

The family in St. Louis is fine. We even got to spend a few hours with my sister and brother in law from Ohio on Wednesday night and Thursday morning before they drove home. We attended a very nice service for Grandma. The flowers were beautiful. She would have definitely approved. She loved flowers. As time passes and our focus adjusts from loss to comfort in many wonderful memories of her, we will be content that she had a wonderful, full life and we are very fortunate to have been a big part of it.

Eleven of us went out for dinner last night. As typical of most familes, our diversity showed in the food we ordered: steak, chicken spedini, grouper, canneloni and pasta con pollo for me. It was a beautiful night, we sat outside at a small restaurant in the Soulard area. On the way home we drove by the new Busch Stadium (where the Cardinals were beating the Marlins!!), it's a beautiful stadium at night, even from the limited views we had. I wish we had enough time to take in a game. I need to take Brad to a night game there Of the previous games that we have attended at Busch, they were always day games.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!!!


Nancy F. said...

Hi David!
Wanted to let you know that you are still very much in our daily prayers (Leah's and Sarah's too)and we hope your new course of treatment provides excellent results.

I may see you on campus as I've gone back working three days a week - Mon-Wed.

Brother-in-law is staying the course on his cure-all diet but the carrot juice has turned him very orange.

Give Mary our best.

Kathy said...

My husband has been wearing briefs for five years, after much trial & error he now uses Tena Classic Plus which I buy from - there are many many suppliers. Hocks charges approx $46 for a case of 96 - free shpg if you buy two cases. My husband's diet consists of 32 oz of liquid food and 2 liters of water per day. He uses 4 briefs in a 24 hour period, they are super absorbent and have a wonderful moisture barrier so his skin is never wet. I have worn them myself when I know that there will be a scarcity of restrooms. The outer layer is a fabric-like material, so there is no plastic noise when you move. I do not permit the "d" word in my presence - they are disposable underwear or briefs.

Anonymous said...

Ideas on a good low/no impact cardio workout . . . SWIMMING - its great both mentally and physically.

Anonymous said...

David, just saw a commercial for Neulasta. Don't know if you have heard of it. It helps restore white cells.

See you at Sycamore Ridge.