August 29, 2006

A slight delay

This afternoon Mary and I met with my Urologist, a.k.a., the worlds greatest doctor (WGD). We discussed my rising PSA numbers, tomorrow's scans and the plan for chemo next week. He agreed with everything, including our concern about starting chemo on Tuesday. While we acknowledge that chemo is inevitable, we want to make sure we select the most effective protocol possible. The doctor affirmed that pursuing chemotherapy now, while I am still in good shape - strong, both physically and mentally, will lend itself to a more successful result from the regimen.

Additional updates we are considering...though my PSA number went up to 54.66 on August 18th, when we met with our oncologist last week and had another blood test on 8.23, it was down to 41.77. Still high, but a 24% fluctuation. Additionally, she is moving to another office located in north Kansas City. She is staying with the same group, but the location is not practical for us. With her departure, she will be transferring us to a peer in her practice, a doctor we have yet to meet. (I'm not real comfortable walking in there Tuesday and meeting him for the first time as he injecting me with Taxotere). WGD called the new oncologist while we were there and posed the question of potential clinical trials that might offer potential benefit to my situation. He agreed that we should meet to review the latest scans, PSA results and potential trials.

Another issue is there are a few clinical trials we would like to investigate before we move forward. Both include using Taxotere, but they combine the chemotherapy (Taxotere) with other 'ingredients'. Our thought is, as long as the study includes the standard, bench mark treatment, we'd consider it. Both of these do. The only issue so far is one is in Columbia, MO (two hours away) the other in St. Louis, MO (four hours away). In both cases it appears the treatment regimen is weekly for three weeks, then one week off. This would require a lot of travel and time away from work. Perhaps they could be administered here in KC? We're not sure if that is even an option.

So our next step is to receive a call from the current oncologist Friday. She will have the results of tomorrow's scans and also update us on potential trials at MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering. If cancer activity is captured on the scans, chemo is definitely the next step. What still remains to be determined is what, where and when?


John Wagner said...

I can really empathize with you on the treatment decisions. It is a difficult time for sure. I know with many, but not all, of the leukemia trials, you can begin them with the institution that is conducting the trial, but then continue them with your local doctor under their supervision. Then you go back on occassion for follow-up visits. Perhaps that could be the case with you, too. That is something you will want to ask.

Just pray about it (as if you weren't already)and then once you decide, don't start second guessing your decision.

You are still constantly in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

You and your family will be in my thoughs and my prayers.

Karen said...

Thinking of you and hoping all goes well. I was also sorry to hear about your grandma.

Do you mind if I ask where your oncologist is moving in North Kansas City? Would you recommend her? Of course, I have Dr. Great and Powerful Oz in KC, but I am not 100 percent thrilled with him!

Anonymous said...


You, Mary and Bradley continue to be in our prayers.

God Bless you on this journey. He lives in you and you in Him.