August 01, 2006

Euro Trip - 7/16-17

My odometer flipped to 10K miles on the way to pick up Peter. Nothing significant about that fact, it's just an observation.

We're at the airport, it's starting to set in, we're leaving. I'm getting really excited - I'm already missing Mary and Brad.

I played one last round of disc golf yesterday. I shot my best round ever (-3/51) I had 5 birdies, 2 bogies, it was awesome! Hopefully more rounds like that are ahead!

So we are off to Chicago, then NYC before leaving for London tomorrow night at 7:50pm. Our flight to NYC was 45 minutes late, great start, good thing I have my iPod and a few books!!!

7/17 (NYC)
We stayed up late, had Peruvian food, as the Ethiopian restaurant Phil had recommended had changed hands. Joe's friend Patrick from KC was in town doing mission work so he came by to visit as well. The four of us had a number of beers, talked and talked and talked while listening to way to much Steely Dan~ "Phil, can I put on___ NO!". Got to bed about 1:30am.

Phil, Pete's friend from KU is originally from Paola, KS. He graduated and left the Midwest 20+ years ago. Said he'd never go back. He has lived in the same apartment for 20 years. I'm not sure how he does it. He's an editor/writer and the lifestyle of a New Yorker is so different. He pays equivalent to a midwest mortgage payment for 750 sq ft. in New York. I'd go nuts! He's a great guy. We talked this morning for an hour or so while Pete slept. Turns out Phil had brain cancer a few years back, all clear now but it apparently took 18+ months for the doctors to get his medications right. He said it was a real struggle. I told him more about what was going on with me and we discussed Pete's daughter Maggie a bit. I found it interesting how after knowing each other for 12 hours we could be so open with rather heavy emotional topics. Must be that part of that Midwestern upbringing.

We left around 9:30 and started just walking the streets; the UN, Grand Central Station, NYC Library, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral (I lit a candle for Mom, Mary, Brad, John W., Karen, Rick in Houston and all the other PC survivors). We missed Mass. The place was gigantic, yet beautiful, so much stained glass! We walked through Central Park and found our way to an enormous Whole Foods Market under the Columbus traffic circle.

We ate sushi and then continued our walking tour until about 2:30. We got cleaned up and caught a cab at 4:00pm to avoid some of the traffic issues at rush hour. A little more than 14 hours until touch down in London, the anticipation is mounting. Posted by Picasa

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