August 28, 2006

Billy Joel was just plain wrong!!

"Only the good die young"? Oh how wrong you were Mr. Joel!

We got a call this morning that we knew was coming. As much as you prepare yourself mentally, it just really hurts when it comes to fruition. My Grandmother passed away this morning.

As I've mentioned here before, she was truly a saint. Born in 1905 she visited King Tut's tomb via steam ship in the 1920's, she lived through the depression, two world wars, and lived for almost forty years after my Grandfather passed away. She will be missed by all. I love her so much. I know she is in heaven, she was sent from there after all.

So, after spending all day being poked, prodded, jabbed and examined, Wednesday night we are off to St. Louis for the services. Then it's back to KC on Saturday for several Labor Day weekend gatherings before T-Day (treatment day).

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John Wagner said...

So sorry David. Like you need any more emotional upheaval right now. Even when we know it is coming and the person has lived a long, rich life, it still hurts a great deal. Thank God our memories can't die with the person we love. Take care friend.