October 01, 2008

The needles go on, and on, and...

My Oncologist's Physician's Assistant called yesterday afternoon with the results of Monday's blood test.
When it was her, I knew it wasn't good, as the nurse usually calls.

After increasing the blood thinner dosage to 12.5mg three days a week and 10mg the other four, she had the results. My INR was DOWN from 1.8 to 1.5! WHAT?!!!

She had spoken with Dr. V and he was concerned that perhaps the study drug (Atrasentan) was interfering with the INR number. The short story is this, I could increase the Wafarin yet again, or just suck it up and use the Lovenox exclusively (Lovenox is the thinner I have been self injecting since the clot was discovered in early August).

The choice was easy. I was already getting a little concerned about the large amounts of Wafarin I was taking and going to 12.5mg a day, everyday was not a guarantee that my INR number would ever get to 2.0.

So, just like every morning for the past seven weeks, I got up this morning and stabbed myself in the belly. I'm already bruised from side to side. I can’t imagine how my stomach will look after four more months of this daily ritual!

OK, so the whining about this is over...it's just another bump in the road!


Aimee said...

FYI-my dad said the Lovenox caused him to pee blood at one point but it took nothing other than laying off the Lovenox for a few days to remedy.

Thought you may like a heads up onthat. Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

I just looked through your pictures from the 2008 FLHW golf tournament and I must say that your photographers did a great job. Can I get their numbers???