October 31, 2008

Eight.....is great?

On Monday I will undergo chemo treatment number 8. Wow, how time flies.

I pray, and ask for your prayers, that my PSA decreases once again. I myself am hoping for a number in the twenties, it was thirty-four on the 13th. As part of the clinical trial I also will need to undergo a bone scan again the following week. Other than the inconvenience, these are really no big deal. What does concern me is the amount of radioactive material that will have been injected into my body this year. This will be my fourth set of scans since the first of the year. With each, as preparation for the bone scan, I have an injection of a radioactive isotope. This is what lights up the hot spots of the scan (x-ray).

Work is busy and now somewhat stressful as our company was just bought out. Yesterday a number of my co-workers were let go. Telecommunications is not a very stable industry to be in at this time. If I had the opportunity I'd go back or switch to health care. For now, I'm relatively guarded from lay offs but only because I am working on a very strategic and successful product. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that were impacted. I have been there before, the stress is unbelievable.

This weekend is supposed to provide ideal Fall weather with temperatures in the seventies.
Of course there will be disc golf tomorrow morning, and likely on Sunday as well - we have to take advantage while the weather is good.


Anonymous said...

David ,
I notice You frequently go to Boston for work.
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Anonymous said...

Always look forward to your updates. Sending hugs and prayers your way today as you undergo chemo. Will pray too that the PSA will continue downward. Your friend in Iowa, Sharon