May 30, 2008

May, where art thou?

Sunday is June the 1st.....exactly where did the month of May go?
On one hand, as the days get longer, time drags, and drags. At the same time, what happened over the last four weeks?
Some random thoughts......
- 4 days - I get re-scanned, x-rays, etc.
- 10 days - I receive my initial chemo treatment
- 30 days - I receive my second chemo treatment, this would have been my mother's 75th birthday, God rest her soul
- 32 days - major project at work launches
- 34 days - Fourth of July ~ God Bless the USA! (If you didn't see John Adams on HBO, I recommend you watch it when it comes out on DVD)
- ?# of days until a vacation....the Lake? Colorado? St. Louis?....the back yard.....

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