May 01, 2008


The term was made official by an international telecommunications conference in 1948, and is an anglicizing of the French "m'aidez," (help me).

Just a little humor regarding a very serious subject.

We got a call yesterday from the hospital, seems I have to go in on the 12th to have a port inserted. What is a port? Click here to see it in action. The webpage is that of a man who was being treated for Pancreatic cancer at the time. I include it for the pictures, read the narrative at your discretion. Not only will this be used for the Chemo treatments (beginning June 9th) but also for blood draws, monthly Zometa infusions and infusions for upcoming bone and CT scans.

Mary's a little freaked out about it. I'm not......yet.

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Anonymous said...

I have not had a port---but after 33 zometa infusions I think it would of helped because on many occasions when I got an infusion they had trouble finding a vein or it blew out and my arm would hurt like the dickens.

Good luck.