April 27, 2008


Mary, Brad and I watched the movie "Big" on Friday night. I must have seen this movie fifty times. I still love it every time. The scene that takes place in the FAO Schwarz toy story is one of my favorite parts of the movie. I'm not sure why? Perhaps it's Robert Loggia acting like a little kid with Tom Hanks as they play 'Chopsticks' on the big piano.

On another note, here is yet another example of the irony of what I am going through. As I've mentioned my PSA continues to climb and on June 9th I will begin Chemotherapy as part of a clinical trial. So what does one do when facing events like this? How about play disc golf three days in a row!

On Friday I played nine holes and qualified (along with my friend Gary) to represent our company in the 'Kansas City Corporate Challenge'. The event, is like a corporate Olympics and lasts for several weeks. The men's disc golf event is next Sunday morning.

Saturday, most of the usual gang played and I got a little lesson from young Joe....I added about fifty feet to my average drive! The rest of my game needs a tune up but my drives are looking good!

Even after 5 hours working in the yard yesterday, I played again today with Pete, Joe and Steve. We played at a course I haven't played at since last summer. This course is longer and harder than our usual course but I shot really good on the front nine but two bad holes on the back cost me a good round.

So after that lead in, one that was probably much too long, I recant - after what I am going through with Prostate Cancer, I can't believe I played three days straight AND worked in the yard yesterday? Is this crazy or what? No fatigue, no pain.....no worries!!

And now we reach the point where I wax philosophical.....
We are on the 10th hole yesterday, Steve and I started discussing this one particularly loud sound bird. After locating a stunningly beautiful male Cardinal we further discussed the fact that unlike most birds, the male Cardinal is the more colorful bird.

Big deal right? Then yesterday afternoon, I take a break from mowing the grass and I'm sitting on the back steps and I hear the same song. No sooner do I find the Cardinal when up flies his mate. They sit there for a minute or two and off they fly together.

I wish there was more, but that's the story, just a moment of time from a beautiful spring weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make us appreciate the wonderful majesty of life. So many people are too busy to take the time, step back and see life for what it is. God surrounded us with miracles. Miracles of life are all around us. They are in the birds and the sunsets, the smiles of children, the sound of a good rain storm and the flight of a disc. No matter who or where you are it is nearly impossible to escape the majesty of life that God gave to all or us. Thanks for reminding us all to take the time and to see the forest through the trees.

God Bless