April 05, 2008

the grand illusion, my own delusion.....

I found these in my in box. I'm not sure what I was waiting for or why I had not posted.

I like the first better, the second one hits to close to home.

A Glimpse of Time
A colorful smile,
and I pause for a while.
Thinking, wishing
what will become.

Strangers pass,
not a pause,
perhaps a subtle glance,
as time ticks to it's beat.

Busy, so busy,
a vague breath,
a tapping toe,
a hurried dash.

Life is a snapshot,
a portrait,
a glimpse of time,
that once was.
Self Delusions
I long for a good cry,
a sob,
one that causes,
a gasp, as sigh.

The stream,
covers a cheek,
to taste the salt,
on my tongue like cream.

Personified strength,
an image, no more,
the grand illusion,
my own delusion.....

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