April 11, 2008

Do I belong here?

It's been a while since I got a little philosophical. I was thinking the other night, as I was going through the posts of a few of the prostate cancer bulletin boards, "Do I belong here?" I mean, how do I end up here? Then today I looked back through my blog and came across this from April 2005:

The words in that particular blog do not convey my mental attitude at this time. I am such a different person three years later. A lot has evolved with my condition since then. We try hard not to worry, however, as the monthly doctor appointments approach it becomes increasingly difficult. Our next one is scheduled for April 21st.

Florida and Spring Break seem like a lifetime ago, I want to go back and smell the salty sea air, watch the sun set over the ocean and walk in the surf with Mary.

A week from tomorrow is the first annual FLHW Disc Golf Tournament. Details are here. We are probably going to have a few discs left. If so, I'll post the information here, so if you'd like to purchase one, please do - the money goes to a great cause!

Winter won't leave us in Kansas City. Forty-two degrees and possible flurries tomorrow morning. We tee off at 7:30! We can't let a little slow stop us now can we!!!!

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Anonymous said...

God Bless you on your journey and yes...you most certainly belong here. God has great plans for you and His work is being done through you now.