April 03, 2008

Golf Times Two

I love rainy days. Perhaps because I am trying to enjoy every day for what it is; another day!
A cliche' yes, but one worth posting.

I welcome a rainy day like today. We need the rain, it's Springtime. Selfishly speaking, I fertilized the lawn on Tuesday and today's slow steady drizzle is a perfect compliment! Yes, too many rainy days in a row and I would have a much different tone, but not today.

Health wise, I have nothing new to report. I find myself in that 'funk' between appointments. Waiting, wondering what will happen on the 21st. Aches and pains have subsided.

I've been playing nine holes of golf each Wednesday afternoon (the ball variety), and walking the course. It's great to get out, and my game is OK for this early in the season. Yesterday, I shot a 48 including a 10 on a par 5 hole. (I had a little issue with a creek and out of bounds!) If I could have just made that hole a double bogey 7 and I would have shot 45! Oh well, I'm just out there to have fun and improve my game a little this summer, no worries!

Spring continues to tease us here in Kansas City. The forecast is calling for mid to high sixties this weekend.....Saturday morning disc golf is going to be fantastic!

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