March 31, 2008

It has no enemies.....

It's not been a very good March in my world, the world of my prostate cancer brethren.

I posted about Wes the other day, now today there is news about "Chef" Roger Woods. I'll describe Roger as he did himself; an old hippy dude that lived "off the grid". Translation; he lived in an old RV in southern California and Northern Arizona and got by on Social Security, Medicare, the occasional cigar and bottle of "Two Buck Chuck" and of course the kindness of friends and strangers. He was diagnosed last summer, July I believe, and he left this world over the weekend. He wrote some of the best posts, simple and to the point.

Roger, who was two hours short of his 70th birthday is now just another in a long list of examples of the diversity of this dreadful disease. Old, young, rich, poor, urban, rural, connected, 'off the grid'. Prostate Cancer had no enemies, this cancer has never found a prostate it doesn't like.

The last we heard from Roger he was leaving the desert and driving across country to see his sister in Baltimore and to try find a new doctor, and perhaps another treatment. I wonder if he made it?

If you care to read more, here are a few links:

Finally, send your prayers for a quick and full recovery to KN, who had PC surgery today.


Anonymous said...

After reading Roger's blog, I wish I'd met him. I would like to know where he wound up, too. I'm hoping he was able to get to where he wanted.
Thanks for letting us know about him, every time a person's story is shared it keeps them alive.

All the very best to you David,
Your Florida friends

Anonymous said...

God Bless Roger

Matt said...

Here is another way to help prostate cancer patients nationwide: We need your help to get the word out about the importance of this petition!

Anonymous said...

David , I found this when looking at Ralph V s pcainaz on Chef Roger