March 15, 2008

On another note....

I know, it's been awhile. I was just prompted this morning with an email from a total stranger, making sure I was OK. I am.

Work has been incredibly busy. Meeting after meeting after meeting. There was a day last week when I left the house at 7:00am and did not get back to my desk until 2:15. After barely looking at email for 30 minutes, I had another meeting with my Director and then I was off to my golf league.

When 'the other David' and I signed up for this back in January it sounded like a great idea. Leave an hour early each Wednesday, play nine holes, meet some new people.

Finding the time is going to be killer, enjoying it will not. So leagues began this week and the weather was fully cooperative. 70 degrees but a bit breezy, however, no complaints! Running behind I had no time to warm up or go to the driving range. I won't give you a shot by shot narrative but my first shot found the did my second! I found myself on the back fringe facing a tricky, downhill putt to save bogey. Not wanting to run it by the cup, I barley stroked it but it kept rolling and rolling and finally stopped.....IN THE HOLE! Some of you may not be too proud of a bogey, I'm about an 18 handicap and to start the first hole of the year in this fashion was just what I needed. In the end we accomplished our goal for the year, we had fun, I had a few more good holes (and a few bad) but it was a wonderful start.

To finish the day, I got home at 7:30, quickly ate dinner and attempted to finish compiling the catalog for our church auction. This is another reason I have been lax in keeping up the blog. I spent at least four hours a night for 7-8 days working on this masterpiece. Wednesday I was up past midnight, by Thursday I was wiped out. If you are interested, click on "Auction Booklet" on this page.

So if you are wondering.....this is what I've been up too!

Health wise, nothing to report - I was having some leg pain last week, nothing a few Advil did not take care of...otherwise looking forward to my next check up on the 24th.

On another note:
Mary's Birthday is today. I got her a 'shopping spree" and a few other items. A fabulous dinner is in store as well. After all, she puts up with me and she deserves it.....and more!

Spring Break is coming up and we are off to Florida in a few weeks. As you may infer, I need a break from work anyway! I really like what I am doing, the people, etc, just need a break and a re-charge!

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