April 24, 2008

Two, two, two posts in One!

First and foremost, here is a treatment update. After researching the proposed clinical trial, Mary and I decided it is worth the potential upside and we are going to participate in the trial. I spoke further with Dr. V only to discover I have to be off Nilandron for at least six weeks. I will stop taking it on Sunday, which will make my first treatment date Monday, June 9th. Treatments will continue once every three weeks for up to twelve treatments (or thirty six weeks). If I am able to stay on schedule, dependent on blood counts maintaining normal range, I will have my final treatment on January 26, 2009 [the day before my 46 birthday!!]

This is going to be a long six weeks leading up to a long nine months. Like everything else we have faced over the past three years, nothing moves fast. The first week of June I'll have a port surgically implanted and will also have follow-up CT and bone scans. Yippee, more radioactive fluid!!!

The anticipated side effects are somewhat standard for chemotherapy; hair loss, neuropathy, loss of appetite, weight gain (from the steroids), fatigue 4-5 days after treatment, nausea and a few more.
None of this concerns me if the outcome is positive. I have my faith, your love, and the hope God instilled in us all. I truly believe we can win this battle before moving on to the next stage.

The next update is in regards to the FLHW Disc Golf Tournament. On the upper left side of this page you will find a picture slide show like the one that I created for the Fall '07 golf tournament. The day was fantastic and thanks to everyone, we were able to raise approximately $2,200 dollars for advanced prostate cancer research.

I especially owe thanks to my friend Gary who crafted this idea and acted as Tournament Director. I also would be remiss if I left out the FLHW Board and my dear friend Pete for his on-going support of FLHW.

At this point, our focus turns to our 4th Annual Golf Tournament to be held Friday, September 26th at Ironhorse Golf Course. We still have a few details to work out. The formal announcement will be coming out in the next week or so.....


Anonymous said...

The best to you in the trial treatment. Prayers are surrounding you and yours.

Anonymous said...

David ,
I wish You did not have to forego treatment for 6 weeks with a rising psa ,any therapy works better with a smaller tumor burden.
I wish You the best and know You are in My Prayers,

Anonymous said...

David, I may not be "around the campus" any more but I am following your story on the internet. God Bless, and guide you in this new path you are taking. I will contiune to watch the blog and pray for you.

Tom T.