May 23, 2008

I live for the weekend.....

Yes, an old Triumph send from the 1970's...I dare include the lyrics!

In about 15 minutes I will depart for the Memorial Day weekend. I have to pause and thank
My dad, brother-in-law Rich, Bill B., Kirk M., Tattoo Steve and all those that served this country. Without your service and defense of simple freedoms like the freedom of speech - blogs like mine would not exist. I am grateful for your service and sacrifice.

Four rounds in just over three days, that is what lies ahead. 5:00pm today some of us are playing in the local disc golf league at Wyandotte County Park. A long course but with the hole-in-one fund sitting at $2,000 I'll take a shot at a $1,000 (you have to split the pot with the club). Tomorrow is the usual, except Brad will be playing with us. Sunday and Monday we are playing as well.

I'll need to come back to work to get some rest!

I have to get as much in while I can, not knowing what to expect post 6-9-08.....I'm not worried though, I'm going to tolerate chemo like a warrior!

Peace be with you all - and those of you stateside....Happy and safe Memorial Day!

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Anonymous said...


It is with deep regret that I inform you of yet another victim of Prostate Cancer. Rick is my brother-in-law and he contacted you a couple of years ago and you wrote about it in your blog (February 06). See the attached link and feel free to e-mail me if you want further info. I am glad to hear that you are still kicking this horrible disease!!!