June 04, 2008

Scanning the horizon

I had my sixth set of scans Tuesday. Chest X-Ray (as part of the clinical trial), CT scan of my abdomen to look for organ and lymph node 'involvement' and a full body bone scan.

Not much to report on items one and two, the results will be discussed on Monday prior to my first chemo treatment. (By the way; 96 hours and counting).

The bone scan was the usual process; lie on my back, the first few minutes are very claustrophobic [I just say a few Hail Mary's and keep my eyes closed] but after twenty minutes it's over. This time they took extra pictures from the side focusing on my ribs and pelvis. These are the areas that have always had noticeable tumors.

I was able to talk the technician into showing me the x-rays! The following is only my unprofessional opinion; full body scan: looked the same; spots on my left rib, pelvis area (a.k.a tumors) and the ankle I broke last May appeared the same as in February. Best news - my spine appears to remain tumor free! Finally, no new areas showed up (again, the radiologist may say differently).

As for the side views: not much was revealed on the rib scan, the side view of both hips showed three tumors on the left side and two on the right. I hate to describe these as 'substantial', they are there are have been there throughout. I'll post the scans after I get the CD on Monday.

Happy Birthday Trevor and Happy Anniversary Doug and Michelle!

that is all.....


Anonymous said...

David, found the link to your blog on Prostate Cancer Infolink. I've been reading through it.

I was diagnosed at age 43, but with apparently localized disease. I had a prostatectomy, then a year later, radiation. Now my PSA's back to less than 0.1. So hopefully that was it.

You're a great communicator. A lot of warmth, humor, and compassion comes through. From one prostate cancer youngster to another, I wish you well.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I wish you the best this week in your treatment. I am always keeping you close in prayer. I am also keeping you close to my friends in my blog, as you inspired me to do the same. God Bless and be well, friend.