June 13, 2008

"C" Day + 4

The good news is I'm tolerating chemo very well so far. The bad news is....well there is none to report!!

It's been four day, except for the first night, sleep has returned to my normal broken pattern.
I was able to play golf on Wednesday (worse than ever!) but have been able to work out the last three days. Only about thirty minutes each session, this morning I pushed it pretty hard.

As we were told might happen, I'm a little "flu like" today. My back is a little sore but I'm doing fine.

I picked up the study medication yesterday morning and began taking it immediately. There is no telling if I am getting the placebo or the Atrasentan? A runny nose is one side effect but because it doesn't happen in all cases it's going to be a guess.

I'll take a shot at disc golf tomorrow and check in here later in the weekend.

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