June 09, 2008

The one, but not the only

I'm in the chair waiting for the multitude drugs to be delivered:
In no particular order....
- Benadryl - 25mg
- Dex (more!!) 10mg
- Zofran 24mg
- Zantac 50mg
- Taxotere 151mg

The first four are given for swelling, nausea, allergic reactions etc.

Brad and Mary are here, my God I love them so much!

My pre-treatment PSA came in at: 52.02
Up a little, not as high as 2006, the last time I almost started chemo.

Just to give you an some insight into today's hospital visit: I've been in the chair since 11:10. Treatment was schedule for 11......It's 11:52 and we have yet to begin. So drag this out for 6 weeks....then make me wait another hour, what ever works for you!!! Sorry, just venting - thank goodness the people are so nice here.

*Live update!!
12:35pm Pre-meds have all been administered and as of three minutes ago....the Tax (chemo) is flowing!

Peace be with you each...


Anonymous said...

And So the Faith, Love, and Hope, flows as well. God Bless you David.


Anonymous said...

a long time ago a man who died after sending me a joke said this reminded him of me......2 vultures sitting on a limb in the desert.. one says to the other: Patience my Ass, Im going to go kill something">>>> ok buddy.. O Lord, give me patience and GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!
Hang in there I'm with you as much as I can be..
tom t.

Anonymous said...

Many people are with you in spirit and prayer. God Bless you and give you strength and peace.