September 30, 2007

'ACE' Squared

In the end, Friday turned out to be a day truly sent from above. The weather was picture perfect, not a cloud in the sky and a high around 83.

144 players, 36 teams, many, many friends and family in attendance made it even better.

I have to start by once again thanking the members of the FLHW Board, the many volunteers and the sponsors. With out their support, time, effort and guidance we would have never made it. Mary in particular was on her 'A' game.

There were a number of sponsors whom I will recognize in the future on a page at However, three in particular need to be recognized; Jim Prange at BP Direct, Rich Lodes with Coca-Cola and my dear friend Pete.

Jim assisted with hats, t-shirts and many other items the day of the event. Jim - we are eternally grateful for your kindness and generosity. Rich really came through with beverages and numerous raffle items. As for Pete, I can't say enough. Words are just a feeble attempt to thank him and express my sincere appreciation for what he did to recruit sponsors.

Additionally, a number of people traveled from California, Pennsylvania, Chicago, St. Louis, Maryland and several other places in order to play. They left friends and family at home in order to support our cause. A sacrifice that needs to be recognized.

On the day - we had two ace's or holes-in-one. One of these was for a brand new Ford Mustang! Congratulation's Mark and Troy!!

The winners are available here.

Thank you all once again, we might just make that $25,000 donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, stay tuned!

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