September 05, 2007

For the most part....whatever.....

An update on the 3rd annual FLHW Golf Tournament, we are sold out! Although we continue to accept donations from Sponsors, we do have a full field of golfers! Next year we are planning to expand the event to morning and afternoon tee times to accomodate the number of participants. What a wonderful thing! Our goal for this year's event of $25,000 was lofty, I think we might just make it!

Results of yesterday's monthly visit to the Oncologist; "whatever". That's just the way I feel this month. Though I don't have my PSA number, yet, the discussion with Dr. H resulted in the same conclusion.....keep on keeping on. I think he has done some research recently. He mentioned a few future options that we had not discussed before but were notated on a document Mary and I left with him last month. One being DES or estrogen patches. This was the standard treatment before androgen deprivation therapy (my current regimen). It's not ideal but what part of this is? It's another step to avoid chemo, however, there are issues; before beginning DES, I would have to have radiation to my breast to avoid growing "man-boobs"! Yes, you read that correctly. There have also been incidents of heart congestion, but apparently aspirin or Coumadin can address this concern. The heart side effect is not so concerning to me as it more than likely relates to the average age of men typically taking this path.

Needless to say, these are all future options. Mary and I agree with the doc that though my PSA is high, relatively speaking, it has hovered between 16 and 20 for months now. Also, I am experiencing no pain or adverse side effects. He convinced us that barring a month over month doubling, we would still need to see three or four months of substantial PSA increases in order to take the next step.

Again, my mood is.....whatever. Should I be so blasé?

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