September 10, 2007

INAM - part?

The prostate cancer conference in LA is over and I'm back to work.
I left with a few new ideas, one that I have already called my doctor about.
This would include adding Avodart to my daily prescription intake.
In simple terms (sometimes the only way I understand some of this stuff) Avodart suppresses DHT (DHT is thought to be approximately 30 times more potent than testosterone because of increased affinity for the androgen receptor.)
Avodart is commonly given to men with BPH, when combined with Lupron and Ketoconazole is has been shown to have excellent results. It's FDA approved and has virtually no side effects. We had already talked to Dr. H about adding this at some point, several doctors at the conference recommended now.  
The second thought involves the use of chemo. My team (Mary, Dr H, the team at KU Medical Center and I) need to discuss this further at some point, however I left the conference with the idea that "some point" might be sooner than later.  The short story is this, we add Avodart, watch the results for a few months. Hopefully I'll react very well and my PSA number and DHT level could drop to trace levels (a big maybe). If they do, fine, we stay the course.  Even if I react temporarily or short term, we start chemo when PSA begins to rise (doubles three consecutive months).  Why? I left the conference with a clearer understanding that Taxotere (chemo) is; well tolerated,  can be repeated several times and the clinical trial we are interested in is highly recommended for a case like mine (with bone metastasis).  Additionally, I am young, healthy and motivated. The last three are much more powerful than I imagined, LA made this point even more clear.
More on this as it evolves, I just thought I'd give you some insight into an area I don't talk about much here......
INAM - anyone figure it out yet?  It's not about me. Go back to early posts, you'll see it referenced there a number of times.
Aside from the above medical information, I left the conference with several new friends. Eric from Colorado, Richard from Seattle and Mark and Nancy from Utopia, TX. That's right, there is a Utopia, TX! 
There was one couple from Austin, TX I wish I had spent more time with, my fault for being introverted in this instance!  I saw them in several sessions and should have gone out of my way to introduce myself. As I walked out of the very last session there they were walking in front of me. The thoughts above crossed my mind just as the wife turned and asked "I hope I'm not being to forward but....." she didn't have to say much else. We found a place to huddle and as we began to exchange "stories", (her husband is three months out from diagnosis, he's 46, advanced diagnosis etc.) I could sense how frightened she was. I could not imagine having attended this conference three months after I was diagnosed? Talk about information overload! In the end, I gave them my email but forgot to get their contact information! I hope they read this and reach out, I think Mary and I could provide them a lot of information and support.  I had to catch a flight but we were able to spend about 5 minutes together, 5 pretty emotional minutes. Have you ever reached out and hugged a stranger trying to comfort them? A stranger in that you have never met them, but someone you have so many things in common, so many things to share? Regardless of whether we ever connect, it was an experience I will never, ever forget. Peace be with you both, please reach out if you need to, you are not alone.


John Wagner said...

It sounds like that was a very productive trip for you. By the way, the current population of Utopia, TX is only 331, up almost 100 from the 2000 census.

I bet you made a huge impact on the couple from Austin in your short encounter.

When do you begin the Avodart? If motivation can beat this, you will be the one to do it.

I pray the addition of this medication will far exceed even your expectations. God bless.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the conference really helped clarify your short and long-term planning. I wish we could have attended also.

Thanks for the information and support you provide to so many.


Anonymous said...

David it is great that of all people you were there for the Austin couple. Coincidence? I don't think so. God has a plan for you and part of that plan was for you to meet that couple and share that moment with them. Through God, you could well have the biggest impact on their lives.

Glad to hear the conference was helpful not only to you but to those you reached.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

David, you continue to inspire and amaze me. You are indeed part of God's blessed plan.