July 02, 2007

Pins, needles, and all the rest

Today I had my monthly appointment with my Oncologist. I have nothing new to report. I feel the same as I have for months.

[In regards to my broken leg, I’m out of the boot and walking in tennis shoes and a small ankle brace. I also have not used the crutches in over a week.]

So back to the visit, this was the first time my appointment was early in the morning. I had blood drawn at 8:30 and was waiting for my Zometa treatment by ten after nine. The treatment room was a much different crowd. There was nothing in particular, just some real odd characters.

I haven’t been posting much lately because things are rather boring. We hope to go to St. Louis in a few weeks and to the Lake of the Ozarks later in the summer. My sister from Ohio will be in St. Louis and travel across the state and spend a few days here in Kansas City.

In response to my Blog I’ve received emails recently from people all over the world! New Zealand, Louisiana, Marshall, Mo., Florida, Connecticut, Texas and probably a few more I’ve failed to mention. We even sent a little package of bracelets to the Kiwi’s, though two weeks later they have yet to arrive!

She doesn’t say so but I think Mary is a little worried this month. We both worry every month after my appointment, perhaps the worry is just a bit more this month. God has really blessed me with her, I don’t know how she keeps it up day after day, week after week etc.


John E said...

You AND Mary are always in my thoughts and prayers.

John Wagner said...

The monthly visits are a little worrisome as so much is tied to the reported results. I pray everything is improving, or at least holding. By the way, it is now July, when do you get to play disc golf?