July 09, 2007

easy peasy lemon squeezy

On our drive back from St. Louis yesterday I had a lot of time to think. My thoughts mostly revolved around the current uneasiness in out lives.

Though we won't know until my August appointment, we may have reached a point where we are going to have to make a decision for my next step, my next treatment. My PSA scores appear to have bottomed out and has even risen a little over the past two months.

We've been spoiled for the last nine, almost ten months. The pharmaceutical regime has done it's job for the most part. I've been doing my best to do the right thing; taking my medications diligently, working out, eating well etc. However, Mary and I have not had to make any real medical decisions for quite some time.

We have a few options, which is good but one of them is Chemo......The others involve using additional medications that I will list in a future post.

This post is somewhat of a ramble but that does not make it unique for "the Big C'. Cancer really is horrible, advanced prostate cancer might just be the leader of the pack.

I am hesitant to add this next link. It is the website for an Australian man who passed away in May. He was diagnosed in 1997 at 42 years old. He lasted for ten years. I really shouldn't have but I just read the update his wife posted that encompass the month leading up to his death. If you really want to read it [Mary please don't!!!] here it is:
http://www.members.iinet.com.au/%7Ealbys/ Click on 'Prostate Cancer' then on 'Updated June 07'. You have been warned, it is beyond sad......

OK, so you don't think I'm moping around feeling sorry for myself, I have to close on a high note!!!! I played disc golf on the 4th. It was great to be out. I didn't keep score but threw a few pars and a lot of bogies. Bogies were good considering I had to throw side arm and keep all my weight on my left foot. No complaints though, it was awesome! I'll be back at it this weekend for nine or so holes again, slowly working my way back to full round!!

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Anonymous said...

I always appreciate your honesty in sharing your thoughts with us. It is not easy for me to be as open with others. I know you will find another treatment that is effective when it becomes necessary.

Life sure doesn't go the way we plan but we keep on rolling with the punches. You are often in our thoughts and prayers.