July 17, 2007

Don't pull my leg and a flashback

I was released from the Orthopedic doctor yesterday and now I have a few less appointments to deal with each month! She said that I can go ahead and start putting more and more stress on my leg.  I rode our stationary bike for five minutes this morning with no pain, no issues.  Over the next few weeks I'll add jump rope and leg exercises that involve weights.  She just suggested I work my way back to my previous levels over a few weeks.
I played a full round of disc golf on Saturday.  We had a large crowd of 10 so we played partners. I was paired with Joe, we have a history of coming up short when paying on the same team.  We continued the tradition by missing 5 or 6 easy putts.  Joe carried us with his huge drives but I was able to hit a 30 foot putt from the bushes to card a birdie on the 9th hole, it was pretty cool! We finished second, one stroke out of the lead. I will continue to play with a modified throw for at least a few more weeks, likely the rest of the summer.  The traditional back hand throw puts a tremendous amount of stress on ones right ankle.
One year this week Joe, Pete and I were in Sweden and England.
It seems like a lot longer ago to me!  I'd like to thank Joe and Pete again for allowing me to join them, it was an incredible experience, I'd love to go back!

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