July 12, 2007

My Amarillo Sky

Over the weekend while we were in St. Louis I copied a number of CD's from my brother.
Being my big brother Doug, the genre is 100% country!

So this morning's selection is from Jason Aldean and the song is "Amarillo Sky".
Though it's about a guy, on a tractor praying to God for good crops, a successful harvest, etc., this line really stuck with me:

....and I send up another prayer,
He says Lord,
I never complain,
I never ask why,
Please don't let,
my dreams run dry,
underneath this Amarillo, Amarillo sky.

In all likelihood, Mary and I have a real big decision to make in a few weeks. One that we knew was inevitable, but was not directly confronting us for the last nine months. We've acknowledged and appreciated this time. I have no fears. As I said here early on; BRING IT ON!

We just talked at lunch and imagine this, we both settled on the same treatment (I won't share until we know for sure). I guess that happens when you marry your best friend sixteen years earlier, it seems that we almost always agree.


Anonymous said...

Jason Aldean "Amarillo Sky" what a great song. I ahve actually thought of you when I heard that song many months ago. I wish you and you family the peace from God and His guidance as you make your decisions. God Bless you. You truly have made an impact on myself and many others I know. Thank you.

John Wagner said...

David and Mary,
I think that is a terrific sign that you both came to the same conclusion as to the course of treatment. Whatever you decide, I think it is important that you are at peace with the decision and it seems you are. Even though you don't fear it, it is still OK to be a little apprehensive as that is certainly normal. I am, and have been, stepping up my prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Some day I need to see a picture of Mary. In my mind's eye she has a halo and silver wings.

Tom T.