May 01, 2006

St. Peregrine Day

Today is the memorial day of St. Peregrine, the Patron Saint of cancer patients. The background on St. Peregrine and prayer are available by clicking on his name above. I didn’t grow up Catholic so the concept of "saints" and prayers dedicated to a specific saint for a specific reason is relatively knew to me. There are saints they are here to help as with just about everything.

As it relates to cancer, St. Peregrine has provided me with a considerable amount of strength. Primarily at Mass, but also at other times, I find myself saying silent prayers to him. I'm not expecting a miracle cure, but I look for strength and guidance, nothing more. Longer term, you just never know… ( a miracle would be greatly appreciated!)

Right after I was diagnosed, a friend gave me a prayer card and a St. Peregrine medallion on a chain. I carried the chain/medallion in my pocket at all times, I was never without it. At Mass I would wrap it tightly in my hand and say silent prayers. On our way back from Florida in March, I lost it going through security. I prayed to St. Anthony to help me find St. Peregrine but it was apparently a lost cause. Mary has since replaced it, but there was something sentimental about the original.
A friend at work is having surgery this week. He's 47 and has to have some work done on a valve in his aorta / heart, it sounds like he is basically having open heart surgery. He remains in my thoughts and prayers, please try to find time to add him to yours.

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