May 16, 2006

Another visit to emotional triage

We made it through another rough spot. The nurse called today with the results of my bone and CT scans. She had good news.

The bone scan showed "slight improvement". The CT scans showed that my lymph nodes remain clear, but there was a little area they notated regarding my right hip. All the details and the specifics of my hip will be discussed on Friday when we meet with the Oncologist. Perhaps the notation on the radiology report might account for the recent pain in my right thigh?

As we hoped, I started Casodex again today. I guess I can looked forward to less testosterone and more hot flashes. If that's what it takes to get my PSA back down, I gladly welcome the side effects!! Now where did I leave my Chillow?

The past week has been another trip to the emotional ER. We both have been stressed beyond belief, very similar to what we experienced in December. Perhaps reading another bad poem I wrote the other night will give you some insight into where my head was at:

Curl up and cry,
it’s not time for me to die,
so much more to do,
so many new people
and places to see.

Life is so unfair,
so much time spent,
living without a care,
when tragedy comes around,
no sense of it can be found.

I pray each day,
more and more.
Time is passing,
both of us by.
I fall asleep as I cry,
it’s not time for me to die.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all the thoughts and prayers - you got us through another bump.


John Wagner said...


Thanks for sharing your poem. Powerful. I like roller coasters but I can do without the emotional roller coaster we keep taking rides on. I didn't buy an E ticket! We had a deacon's meeting at church tonight and I brought your name up again. Glad to read some good news. Hang in there! Prayers not ceasing!

Karen said...

So happy to hear the good news. The ups and downs are hard, but I know you are going to make it through!

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up. Praying for positive news on Friday . .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are one courageous dude...

Anonymous said...

keep it up bro. youll be fine