May 31, 2006

Another test, unrelated to this "Big C"

Just a quick hello because nothing is really new. We had a whirlwind weekend! A lot of activities each day including a major league soccer game, bbq, fishing, hanging out in "the country" and capping it off with "Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang". One of my favorites from my youth. I remember having a little die cast Chitty, it even had a button you could push to let out the wings!

Though I didn't make it yet, our neighborhood pool is open and I'm looking forward to many evenings and weekends down there with Brad.

Tomorrow I have to go visit my general practitioner. I met with him back in late April because I had a real strange spider bite that wouldn’t heal (has now). He conveniently reminded me I had yet to schedule my follow up colonoscopy. I don’t think I shared this information in this forum, but in the midst of being diagnosed with prostate cancer in January of 2005, I had to have a colonoscopy. It is a nasty little procedure whereby you have to starve yourself the day before and then ingest large quantities of diuretics. (Tonight should be fun!!!) With your stomach, and everything south of there, cleared out, the doctor proceeds to examine you from the rectum to the colon. It is such an enjoyable experience that they sedate you so you don’t remember any of it!!! Last year they removed 3 polyps that were pre-cancerous and this is just a follow up.

I could eat my desk right now I am so hungry!

Wish me luck tomorrow….I can’t wait!!!!


John Wagner said...

Hope your procedure went well today. It is a REAL pain in the butt! The procedure isn't bad, but I hate the prep the day before. I have had six or seven of these and am due for another later this year. When I first had them in the military, they did not use the amnesia drug and the first one didn't have too much of the knock out drug either. I was pretty much awake for the whole thing. However, I really did enjoy watching it on the monitor. How many folks get to look inside themselves? When they would reach out and snag a polyp and remove it, I never felt a thing. Going around the corners heading to the small intestine did hurt some. Since getting out of the service, all the other time they have used the amnesia drug and I remember nothing. Usually don't fully wake up until I have been home a few hours.

My youngest brother is a professional actor and was in "Chitty" on Broadway last year (his 8th or 9th Broadway show). He played various small roles but was understudy for the child catcher and went on in that role several times. He was supposed to take it over this year, but alas, the show closed in January. He has been understudy for Tommy Tune in the past, but Tommy never misses a show.

OK, rambling as usual. Let us know how everything went today.

Karen said...

Once you're diagnosed with one kind of cancer, don't you think you should automatically be exempt from all other medical disorders or doctor's visits or tests that are unrelated to that particular cancer? That's how I think it should work! It's only fair! :)

Good luck on the test!