May 12, 2006

I just can’t think of a clever title for this one?

I had almost forgotten how much I dislike that whole process. Check in, early, what’s the point...they are never ready.

Wait, 5, 10, 15 minutes past your scheduled time, your name gets called. Follow the nice lady back to have an IV stuck in your arm.

She injects some type of imaging fluid and sends you off to see the fine folks in the CT Scan department.

Next, drink 32 ounces of “lemon-lime flavored” substance, wait 45 minutes. Drink 12 more ounces, wait another 45 minutes. Drink 12 more ounces and you're ready to go. I am however, very thankful for the advancement in imaging technology. Instead of the machine you see on television, this CT scan looks like a giant donut. You lie on your back on a very uncomfortable table with your arms above your head and wait for the iodine injection to start. Then the table slides back and forth so the “donut” scans your body, just the torso and hips in my case. This whole process takes about 20 minutes. Then there is an hour or so to wait for the bone scan.

The bone scan is like a giant x-ray table. They lower the upper “plate” to about a centimeter from your nose and then it begins its slow descent towards your toes. This process again takes about 20 minutes. I always keep my eyes closed for the first 10 minutes or so until it completely reveals my head, that way I don’t get a sensation of claustrophobia. Total time in the imaging center, almost 4 hours.

When I had my last bone scan in December I was able to see the results on the monitor. This time the technician closed the file before I could see the images. I’m not sure I should read anything into this but with my PSA number rising, I’m not sure?

Mary, of course, was there through the whole process. By my side when they’d allow her, in the waiting room when not. Neither of us had eaten all day and we didn’t finish until about 3:15. We stopped in Panera and literally gobbled down a late lunch. Mother’s Day couldn’t come sooner for her. She’s the best! I’m not feeling too verbose at this time, but I’d be no where without her.

I remain blasé about my current state, not depressed, just blah. It is going to be a long, slow week until we meet with Dr. Sheehan next Friday. I did receive an email from my Urologist and he indicated that Casodex would likely be the next step, however the x-ray’s and scans will reveal a lot.

One thing that will surely make the next week pass by quicker is disc golf tomorrow, a charity golf event on Monday and another next Friday afternoon. I have to find time to Mother’s Day shop tomorrow and get to the driving range so I don’t embarrass myself on Monday.

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!!!!


Anonymous said...

David, thanks for taking the time to post an update of how things went for you and SMF today.

I hope you guys have a great mother's day weekend.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers.


John Wagner said...

A good idea to have all the different activities to keep you occupied and TRY to keep your mind off this for awhile. I wish Mary a very happy Mother's Day. I know you are blessed and glad to have her with you every step of the way. Enjoy your weekend!

Karen said...

Hoping for good results. Happy Mother's Day to Mary!

Anonymous said...

Hey... wishing your family a fabulous Mothers Day, relax and enjoy the day!