June 28, 2005

Test results and the beginning of something really big?

Last Friday I had blood drawn as part of my 12 week check up. [12 weeks, is that all?]

Mary just got the call from the doctors office and my PSA number is down to 0.55!!!!
I'm "normal" again!

On a related note, this diet has also effected other areas: my cholesterol is 155 (it used to be in the 210 range)
I keep telling people, and I mean this, I haven’t felt this good in many, many years!

This Thursday is the first meeting of the FLHW board. We are going to begin developing the goals and plans for the next year. In our future endeavors we hope to receive continued support from those of you who are readers of this blog. As I have mentioned in the past, I did not "get" cancer, cancer was "given" to me so that I would find a way to help others.

The website is up and running but we will continue to update it over the coming weeks and months. We are interested in your feedback, for more information go to: www.flhw.org

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