June 03, 2005

The Big Picture

Last week we had dinner with some friends. The night was great and the conversation went on and on for nearly three hours (the restaurant was glad to see us go!). It took a while for the full extent of the discussion to sink in, but I walked away with this; when you think about the "big picture", it's not about ourselves, it's about others that we assist, help, touch, encounter along the way. I have mentioned something similar in earlier passages, but after hearing this story and the success of this organization, it made me stop and think.

The lady we had dinner with is fascinating. She was born in Colombia and in September 2000 she started an effort to help educate children living in poverty in Juarez, Mexico. I became familiar with her work in 2002 when I helped her develop her first website (www.compassionfoundation.net). The site has evolved since then and will be revised once again in the coming months. More importantly, the foundation is now a 501.c.3 and is growing exponentially. Their annual fundraiser is in September (http://compassionfoundation.net/news.asp) I know they would appreciate any help you could offer, you should all come ~ we'll be there!!

The Compassion Foundation of Kansas City, Inc. is committed to the belief that all children should receive the gift of education, regardless of socio-economic status. We seek to inspire a passion for lifelong learning and encourage students to became role models and give back to their communities.

In my opinion, I think for the most part, we are a pretty spoiled society in America. We take a lot of things for granted in our daily lives. I ask you to consider taking out few minutes of your day to help someone who could really benefit from your assistance. Wishing you a happy, blessed day.

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