June 13, 2005

Memories, Mondays and Miles

It's raining, again, this makes about the 5th or 6th straight day. After a very dry May, June has been a drencher.

So it's Monday morning, and I fill my short commute with something new via the iPod. OK, it's new to me, old in it's origin, Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue". I almost turned the car around and crawled back in bed, very spell binding, smooth, mellow but electrifying and the same time. Good change from the usual selection, a good book, a cup of coffee, turn it up a little…..

The weekend was busy, as usual…we were childless on Friday so we went out for a nice dinner, just the two of us.
Something we don't do a lot of anymore, we should and will make more time for it in the future. What a great evening!

Saturday was time in the yard after a monsoon in the morning rained out disc golf. Last Wednesday night we had a storm that knocked over part of our fence so I was trying to clean that up while we wait for an estimate for repairs. I'd do it, but last year I had to replace a fence post and it was a project I have no desire to repeat, an all day back breaker.

The Senior golf tournament was in town and they were playing less than a mile from the house, across the street from St. Michael's. The morning rains washed the round out on Saturday, but did not put a damper on the party. It was a great time! In yet another example of how people go out of their way when you least expect it, the host and hostess made sure there were "David dishes". While everyone else was eating ribs and brisket, I was devouring shrimp and a wonderful spread of side dishes! The evening was filled with numerous games of "washers", a few adult libations and great conversations.

Sunday the rain waited until later in the afternoon, so I was up early and off to disc golf. The "home" course was closed due to a tournament so we ventured to a newer course just north of downtown KC. It is located in "Cliff Drive Park" and it is a beast of a course. A mostly just LONG holes but the middle 6 are cut through woods that could easily be mistaken for parts of the Amazon. On top of that, the humidity was hovering near 100% all morning, we felt like we were in Vietnam for awhile! It was still a good time and we only got rained on briefly during the last two holes.

As if sweating off 5 pounds in the morning weren't enough, I built a small flower garden all afternoon. My favorite Darwinian gardener passed on a few new flowers (among the mix were Moonflowers!). Moonflowers open at night and apparnetly the aroma is to die for! So having no place to plant them, I dug up a spot by the air conditioner, made a trip to Home Depot and 3.5 hours later, ta-da!! I seem to have this habit that when it comes to a project in the yard, I always turn them into half day projects! Oh well, the results are almost always worth the effort. Mary was pleasantly surprised.

So all of that and I'm paying for it today, I'm a little tired and sore, though my back is showing no signs of recent aches and pains……

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