March 29, 2005

The calm before the storm....

I had a few phone calls in the last few days to straighten out insurance and other issues for our trip to Houston. Everything is progressing rather well (knock on wood). With all the news stories regarding how bad insurance coverage can be, this looks like it might work out very well!

Mary asked me yesterday if I "was getting nervous?". I'm not at all. Not only do I feel great physically, but mentally I am not worried at all (maybe just a little, tiny bit). I am sure as we get closer to traveling to Houston things might change, but right now I am in this very peaceful place mentally.

I look at it this way; the doctors, the medication etc. can, and most likely will, break me down physically. What they cannot take is my mind, my spirit, my hope and my faith. I will beat this, we will vacation in the sand, we will go to Italy, or Ireland or ??? I have no doubt!

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