March 02, 2005

Our current state of normalcy

Life has returned to "normalcy", as much as that is possible right now. As I have mentioned previously, we are in a wait and see mode right now.

The medications are doing their thing and we are waiting for a response from our insurance carrier regarding going to MD Anderson for consultation and possible treatment. We are almost 100% sure that we'll go regardless, we just need wait for this answer first.

The bracelets have been ordered, they should arrive in 3-4 weeks, we're going to sell them for $2.00. The goal is to recoup the investment, fund the production of another 1,000 AND make a donation of about $500 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. After that, the next donation will be larger and we'll order more and so on......
The color is sort of royal blue and they will be embossed with "FAITH - LOVE - HOPE - WIN"
Stay tuned.....

The frequency of my updates will likely taper off for a while as there is just not a lot happening right now.

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EOP said...

David: We are with you, Mary and Brad 100% in prayer and in a constant reminder of "FAITH - LOVE - HOPE - WIN". Since dinner at your house with Pete when we first shared the vision of, our lives were joined forever. We love you guys. Keep the four power words together. We are going to win this one. Best, Eliu & gang.