March 17, 2005

Putting Things in Perspective…...

I'm numb. I'm without words.
Today has got to be the bottom because I can't imagine the things around me getting any worse.

This time it has nothing to do with me and my situation. One of my best friends in the world lost his daughter today. I only saw him for a minute you can imagine he is devastated.

Suddenly I feel unbelievably lucky. You see, I have a tomorrow, I have a chance, I have Hope.

Hope is the voice God uses to speak to our hearts instead of our heads.

Please, regardless of the fact you don’t know this man, direct your prayers his way. He's in a real bad place right now and he needs the power of your prayers and mine far more than I do.

It may sound strange to read, perhaps not, but I love him like a brother and my heart is in pain for him tonight.

Never place a period in your life where God meant to place a comma.

I love you dude, reach out, I'm here for you!

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Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear of your freinds lose. What is his name - I will keep him in my prayers.