October 15, 2011

When being a little sad is cleansing

On a recent trip, a few songs came on my iPod that made me sad. However, because I love to listen to each of them for a unique reason, I let them play. I guess maybe sad isn't the right word...perhaps melancholy is a more appropriate description.

As with most music I listen to, I just listen, I don't memorize lyrics or go read what they mean. It is usually the music and feelings they evoke that gets to me. So here is a list for you to review, or comment on if you desire and maybe go buy the song yourself if you choose.
- James Morrison: The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore
- Oasis: Sunday Morning Call
- Lifehouse: Breathing
- Foo Fighters: Times Like These
- Finger Eleven: One Thing
- Train: Drops of Jupiter

These six are just a few that rotated through this particular flight, there are many more. Each of these, for it's own particular reason, conjures up emotions. There are times when these emotions manifest into sadness and perhaps tears. To me this is perfectly acceptable because amongst other things, having cancer has taught me to accept and embrace my emotions. God tests us on a daily basis and in a number of ways and these songs help me become more energized to fight on.

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Anonymous said...

I am firmly in your camp. Music does the same to me and I found it interesting your list of songs is similar to mine. We certainly have the same taste in music. God bless you and yours and please continue to enjoy the music that we are all blessed with.