October 30, 2011

Condition and recognition

I have spent most evenings over the past week trying to get the timing of Advil and Percocet down to a science. I haven't earned a masters degree yet. Some days and nights have been fine, with very little to no daytime pain and decent enough sleep. There have been days of heavy fatigue and nights of tossing and turning and what amounts to maybe 3-4 hours of good sleep. Sleep on these nights comes in fits and starts which in turn leads to fatigue the following day.

My return trip to Boston can not come soon enough! I will be back for my next appointment in Boston on Tuesday. We anticipate the doctor will  request my dosage be increased and we are hopeful that the new dose will offer me relief from the pain and attack those tumors in my bones that are causing me discomfort.

On another note, you may remember this story from earlier this summer.

I received word earlier this week that the writer, Kimberly Winter Stern, has been recognized for the article. The High Plains Division of the American Cancer Society recognized her for excellence in journalism. 

Here is the link, scroll down to the 'Magazine' catagory:

Kimberly, I think I can speak for John when I say thank you for capturing the story in such a perfect way and for sharing in our passion for finding a cure for prostate cancer.


Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of you Tuesday and hope you are able to step up to the higher dose.

Thanks for the link to a great article.

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Hope the appointment went as you wanted. The article was great.

Beth L.