October 10, 2011

From the far corners

As I leave for my six week check up in Boston I can feel the strength of so many of my friends and family. I also feel the support from a distance. Recently I have received quite a few emails and blog comments from locations far, far away.

Previously I wrote about a young man from Uruguay who wrote me just days after his father passed. His kind words touched me very deeply and emotionally.

I have also quoted Ivan from Australia. He has become like an old pen pal, back before computers and email. I so look forward to his emails. His prose is beautiful, encouraging and truely from the heart.

Then there was a note from Naples, Italy. Raffaele, only 24 years old, who wrote to say how much enjoyment he and his family found in my blog. I was once again dumbfounded at the reach of this journal.

Most recently I exchanged messages with Melvyn from England. His words helped in ways I cannot express.
"I think it is harder for our loved ones and don't know how my wife copes. You have your disc golf and I have my horse - I do my thinking and a lot of praying whilst riding the quiet English countryside and thank the Lord for the blessings He has given me in life so far."
What a beautiful picture he painted for me as I anticipate the results of blood work and bone scans, to be riding a horse through the English countryside!

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