October 21, 2011

The short version

Last week while in Boston I had updated bone and CT scans. Both were standard protocol for the trial. The results from the pharmaceutical company conducting the trial will be available when I return in early November. The official reading from the scans will determine if the dosage I am currently taking is effective, or if it needs to be increased.

The preliminary reading indicated that overall, the foci are slightly less intense and confluent than on prior imaging; this improvement is especially prominent in the ribs and spine. One's first reaction might be that a celebration would be in order. However, there are two reasons that we are not yet in a celebratory state at the Emerson's.  The first being, the results will have to indicate that the ‘improvement’ needs to be 30% or greater in order to continue at the current dosage. Increasing the dosage is not a bad thing, but it will come with the risk of more side effects. (Currently, I have not experienced any side effects from the treatment, except for increased fatigue, which may or may not be directly related to the medication.) The second reason being that I am not feeling any better. There are good days and OK days. AThe ratio of good to OK favors OK. I’m still not experiencing ‘bad’ days. Three Advil every six to eight hours combined with two Percocet when I go to bed and occassionaly 1 Percocet in the morning and/or during the afternoon and I get through each day.

For now, I march on as always. I have approximately ten days before I return to Boston and I plan to fill those days with a lot of living!

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