October 17, 2011

Friends doing their part

At this weekend's Kansas City 1/2 marathon, this is what many of the runners saw... the race bib on Paige's back! Paige contacted me early in the summer and said she was training for the race and wanted to raise money for FLHW. Initially she set a goal of $1,500 but by the time she finished, she actually raised nearly $2,100!

Paige, thank you for supporting our cause and contributing to the hope that we share through the research for a cure for advanced prostate cancer.  Words do not adequately express my gratitude!

Back in March I was contacted by a woman from Maryland. She explained that her brother as well as her husband were both battling prostate cancer. Mary also explained that she owns a jewelry store (http://www.jrcjewelry.com) and wanted to know if I would send her some of the blue FLHW bracelets in order for her to sell them to her customers.  Over the next few months she sold several hundred bracelets and raised a few hundred dollars. This was just the beginning!

Early in the summer she informed me that a supplier had donated a beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet for her to raffle to facilitate further fundraising for our cause. After selling tickets through September, the picture to the left is her brother Richard drawing the winning ticket. When it was over, Mary and the customers of JRC Jewelry had raised $5,000 for FLHW!

Mary, Richard and everyone involved, all I can say is, you are all awesome! 


Mary and David said...

Thanks Dave! Our customers were so supportive. We could not have done it without them! I had some wonderful conversations with many of them. Some had lost relatives to the disease, while others had been treated for the disease themselves. And there were those who had no idea of the devastation this disease can cause. It was nice to be able to educate them! Wish we could do more! Mary

Sherry Luttrell said...

That is absolutely awesome. It is amazing to see friends pool their efforts together for a cause!